Goru 18 Meses 2013

Ego Bodegas

Tipo de vino/licor: Tinto Región - País: Jumilla - Spain
Valoración: Gran Oro PVP: 30-35 €
Barrica: Si Visitar bodega

Nota de cata del enólogo de la bodega

At the first moment produces an engaging repertoire of aromas,

perfected by the perfume of sweet cherries and rose-water, with

highlighted notes of chocolate, cinnamon and vainilla. Then appears

a rich mix of succulent fruit-driven flavours which fill the pallet, franked

by the nuances of spices, of wild strawberry and of pear. The long

perseverance at the end, which is gripping, alluring, and lingering, is

the identity mark of this iconic wine..

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